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For those who do not have any background in installing and wiringcar audio systems, it may be better if you hand the job over to yourelectronics specialist. But for those of you out there who are willingto take a risk and take care of the wiring and connection themselves,you must remember that if anything is harder than handing over yourhard-earned bucks in exchange for a mean audio system for your ride,this would be it. Aside from the considerable amount of knowledge aboutconnecting car audio system, you must also possess an above averagelevel of patience as this process is both difficult and confusing. Hereare some basic information about plugging to a new head unit pre-installedspeakers, amplifiers, and crossovers.

The main thing in connecting pre-installed speakers to a new head unitis to connect it to both speakers while making sure that it is not disconnectedfrom the power source. To do this, you must know the wiring types andhow to go about hooking all of them up. The RCA Output Connection standard is the protocol used in wiringaudio equipment. In transmitting the negative and positive signals tothe amplifiers or speakers from the head unit, RCA cables use two wires,so be sure you keep that in mind when buying new wiring. There willbe available wiring instructions in the component manual, but it isup to you to figure out the amount of coaxial cabling you will need.Let’s proceed to connecting the wires. For example, you're usinga single RCA coaxial cable to hook up the head unit to a couple of standardspeakers on both sides of your car and the car battery which suppliesthe power.
There should be five wires that are connected to the head unit.

1. Left Speaker Cable (RCA Coaxial).
2. Right Speaker Cable (RCA Coaxial).
3. Ground Wire (more often present on replacement radios while witholder models, the chassis itself serves as the ground.)
4. 12 Volt Battery Wire (takes care of the time, date, and settingsand doesn’t turn off).
5. 12 Volt Ignition Wire (turns the radio on when engine is started).

It may seem complicated at first, but actually it looks harder thanit really is, especially with the use of a wire harness. A wire harnessis a device that is attached to the back of the head unit and linesup the cable so that they are easily plugged and re-plugged to theirdesignated slots. For first time users, this may be a little of a challengebut when you get the hang of it, this device makes sure that all wiresare in the right place and also makes it easier to transfer or upgrade.

If you wish to include more speakers in your audio system, it followsthat you will be connecting more wires than we have discussed, but theprinciple is still the same. Remember as well to check if your speakersare somehow connected to an amplifier or crossover system, so you maynot waste time connecting all of them to directly to the head unit.

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