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We’re sure that with all the effort and money spent puttingyour dream car audio system together, security would be the next majorconcern. We’ll attempt to discuss how to protect your car’saudio system and some general precautions you can take.
While snap-on locking brackets make it easier for you to transferhead units from one car to another, this also makes it easier for eventhe novice thief to pilfer components from your car audio system. Whatyou can do to prevent this is to screw the face plate in. However, perseveranceis one of the strongest characteristics of thieves so they might simplypull the head unit, leaving the face plate behind. One way to preventthis is to lock your head unit using a metal back strap securing itagainst your car’s dashboard. Instead of just unsnapping a lock,thieves will have a hard time pulling out the head unit out of the carbecause it is screwed through the bendable strap attached at the backof the unit and the inside of the dash. Most new model cars have thisbut if you don’t, you can contact car audio retailer. Definitely,a small price to pay for this must-have car audio system security accessory.

Removable face plates can help if you have your head unit secured bya back strap. Although the face plate isn’t screwed in, thievescan be deterred because taking a head unit with no face plate rendersit fairly useless. Face plates tend to be very thin and small, easyto take out of the car and into your purse or pocket. This can helpto deter amateur crooks. However make sure the unit is secured witha back strap.
Make sure that your overall car alarm is working. The security of yourcar’s audio system wholly depends on the security and integrityof the vehicle it is installed in.

Keep a low profile by avoiding over accessorizing your car. This wayit does not attract attention to itself, and attract potential thievesin the process.

In the event of theft or carjacking, the proper authorities and yourinsurance company must be promptly informed. With regards to car insurance,the minimum legal requirement in the United Kingdom is for Third PartyLiability, in which case your car audio system isn’t covered sono claims may be made in case of theft. Other insurance companies offercomprehensive policies of Third Party, Fire and Theft that would includeclaims for any and all accessories in the vehicle, including your caraudio system, in cases of theft or damage.
Also, make sure that your insurance policy covers post factory installationswhen non-factory standard or custom audio systems are installed.

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