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The speakers define how excellent your car audio system is. Not onlydo the speakers control the lucidity and power of the sound, it is alsoin charge of the range of sound the whole system produces. The followingdiscusses how each of your speakers work and what particular gears powersup the sound. You may want to know how to look for the best optionsif you are buying a new car.

As we’ve already said, a head unit should have enough power tosupport your speakers, so if you want to add up more but don’twish to upgrade your head unit, you will need to invest in an amplifierto increase power production. You should, however, make sure not toconnect a weak amplifier to a stronger set of speakers as this may resultto the listeners’ increasing the volume which will distort andwear out the speakers. A little more power than what you need may betolerable than less power, but make sure that your head unit gives justenough to run your speakers and amplifiers. Your audio system is only as good as the speakers you have. Speakersare the proverbial bread on your audio sandwich. The quality of soundthat you get will largely depend on what your speakers can deliver,from the softest of whispers to the booming basses of Beethoven's Fifth.

Of course nothing comes without a price. As with any active componentof an electronic system, speakers require power. This power rating hasa numerical value representing Wattage output. The higher the wattagerating, the more power the speakers require. This is where amplifierscome in. These serve to increase, or amplify, the power to drive thespeakers. Now the question of matching amplifiers capacities with speakerrequirements is a simple matter, unlike what other people might think.To put it simply, if you plug a low output light bulb (speakers) intoa high output power source (amplifier), you fry the bulb. Conversely,if you plug in a high output bulb into a low output power source, allyou get is a faint glimmer. So make sure you properly match your speakersto the correct amplifier ratings.

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