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Car Audio, Cassette Tape
Hundred of songs, over seven hours of music packed into one compactdisc. MP3 revolutionized how people listened and stored music. MP3 radicallyaltered the face of modern music, and with everybody owning portableMP3 players such as the I-Pod and the Muvo, its no wonder car audiosystems also adapted this format. MP3 or MPEG Layer-3 is a method ofdigitally compressing audio into smaller data segments while still maintainingthe sonic properties and quality of the original recording. It becamean instant hit because one data CD can fit hundreds of MP3 files whichare more practical than carrying around audio CDs that can only play80 minutes of music.

On the other hand, MP3 encoded data CDs will not be read by regularCD players since they are programmed solely to play back audio. Fortunately,many cars nowadays sport a data CD compatible or MP3 player, so listeningto your data CDs should not be a problem. Also, a certain degree ofcomputer know-how is required to encode and record tour MP3s to disc.Another issue to be considered is the issue of piracy. Copyright lawsare easily infringed because of the ease and speed of downloading andmass production of music.

Most modern car audio MP3 players in the market today have evolved intosophisticated data handling systems. The ability to read and interpretID3 tags, containing song titles, artist information, album informationand year of recording became standard, along with the ability to createplay lists and random playback, or shuffling. Though a little priceyat under £150 to over £700 for the high end models, youwill find this item worth every penny.

For those who find the price of these items a bit prohibitive, digitalto analog adapters, like those described in the previous section exist.Like CD–to-cassette adapters, MP3-to-cassette adapters can alsoplay Minidisks. And, if you own an MP3 player from iRiver, you are justin luck because these things come with a car adapter, a perfect alternativeto bringing the MP3 craze into your car.

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