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Car Audio, Cassette Tape
Radios in car audio systems evolved from the simple standard modeanalogue receiver that plays music from AM, FM, LW, and MW frequenciesto the more advanced digital radio format which is more sophisticated.Sounds and data signals are transmitted digitally hence are more distinctand there are less prone to signal interference.

Radio is the most popular media for people who are often on the road.It offers a wide selection of music genres and plays the latest hitsin the music scene. Radio stations also provide listeners with a widearray of useful information such as weather and traffic updates.

Some sophisticated car radio systems of today are capable of receivingand processing Digital Radio Data. This system makes it easier for youto browse through hundreds of FM stations, sorted by genre and listento only to those you really like. No more skipping tracks unlike inaudio CDs. Also, you can listen only to those topics or discussionsthat interest you, or have traffic and weather alerts displayed on yourLCD at regular intervals.

Though car radio systems are often sold pre-installed with cars, youcan find bare-bone systems which consist of a basic radio and cassetteplayer costing around £35 for the least expensive one to moreor less £70 to £80 for the branded products. You must rememberthough that branded names also mean quality and are more reliable thancheap brands.

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