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Car Audio, Cassette Tape
DVDs are more popularly used for films rather than music, but if youwant extreme quality, 80-minute surround sound recording with a loadof other exciting features, this is the format for you. It complimentsa top-of-the-line audio system, but it has yet to enjoy the status attainedby audio and data CDs.

Because of its lack of popularity, at least as far as being an audioformat is concerned, your car’s high-end CD player may not beable to read a DVD Audio disc. But if you are thinking of the futuretrend in car audio systems, DVD audio format is surely the next bigthing.

However, if you wish to install something more than an audio system,like a car entertainment system that plays movies in video monitors,a DVD drive would be a fine choice not only because it plays your favoriteDVD right at the comfort of your car, but it can also serve as an audioplayer when you're just in the mood for some tunes.

Installing a CD/DVD audio-visual head unit is a luxury that is priceda few hundred quid higher than top of the line audio players. Its priceranges from £450 to a hefty £1000, which varies accordingto the brand and features. A DVD player with monitor may cost up to£900, but if you decide to put your own monitor, the price candrop to more or less £300 to £600, also depending on brandand features.

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