Car Audio, Cassette Tape

Choosing a Car Audio System

Car Audio, Cassette Tape
Shopping for a car audio system today comprises a lot more than purchasinga radio and a couple of speakers. The number of choices and optionsavailable to the prospective car audio buyer make the task seem overwhelming.But it is actually quite simple when one knows what audio format, speakerset-up and other accessories they require.

The head unit, to most people would be the logical first purchase. Thisis the nerve center of any audio system and comprises most of the electronicsfor control of the radio, CD, or cassette. A number of head units areavailable in the market today, and some can even play more than onesound format.

One important decision a prospective buyer must make when looking athead units is what audio format would be of best use to him. This decisionis made much easier by the fact that a number of head unit models availablein the market today are capable of playing more than one format.

Probably the most important feature of any head unit one must be awareof is how much power it can deliver. Power output, measured numericallyin Watts, determines in part the quality of sound your car audio systemproduces and is a function of the number of car speakers you have orare planning to install. A car with pre-installed stereo speakers, forinstance, does not require the same powerful head unit as one havinga subwoofer. In this case, a choice between getting a head unit thatcan support your desired number of speakers and obtaining an amplifieris imperative.

Convenience and ease of operation is an underrated feature most caraudio buyers tend to overlook. One may be easily dazzled by the numberof buttons or the LED display of the head unit. But before forking outcash to pay for a bunch of flashing lights, one must ask oneself thesequestions:

Is it easy to use?
Can I operate it while driving down the freeway at 60kph?
Or more importantly, do I really need it?

Given all these information, you should be ready to scout for the headunit that matches you. We have listed some more things that you mightwant to think about:

Consider getting a CD or DVD changer’s installed your car audiosystem? Make certain that your head unit supports multiple discs andthe disc array system.

Detachable face plates on the head system are a welcome bonus if securityis a high priority.

Consider a pull-out head unit if the system is to be shared betweena number of cars.

Of course each buyer would have their own individual needs and wantsand this list is by no means comprehensive. Make sure that you’vecovered all the bases. All ready to buy your head unit?

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